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Media Operations Tech II
Atlanta, Georgia  

We have a Contract position for "Media Operations Tech II" with one of our direct clients in Atlanta, Georgia for initial contract duration of  12+ months. No third party candidates considered for this position. US citizens and all those authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply.

Job Description

FULFIL: Responsible for executing advertising insertion contracts from the time the order is delivered by Client Media Sales to the time the order has expired and the client is invoiced. Responsible for accurate processing of all orders; including order acceptance, execution, validation and billing preparation. Streamlines workflow between all departments for efficiency and high contract fulfilment rate. Develops, upgrades and implements new enhancements within the Traffic and Billing system that will help achieve business goals and selling initiatives.


  • Responsible for the on-going maintenance of the contract through its complete cycle. Maintenance of contracts may include: contract line revisions, contract line pre-emptions and application of basic adcopy.
  • Import and Activate Contracts
  • Understand, process and provide effective and timely resolution for all contract revision requests
  • Use pre-empt functionality as directed
  • Understand and apply adcopy as directed through basic ad copy instruction
  • Process next day start contracts by deadline
  • File and maintain paper and electronic documents as necessary


  • Runs and analyses reports as necessary to ensure adcopy is properly assigned to contracts as well as report out to the field adcopy that is missing and required.
  • Accepts traffic instructions / adcopy instructions in various formats, understand and logically apply the instructions into the traffic and billing software
  • Creates efficiencies in adcopy application through expertise of all applicable software configurations
  • May serve as liaison to Encoding Librarian
  • Processes all adcopy instruction for next day start by deadline
  • Runs and distributes adcopy reports to the field
  • Manages workload to ensure balance for encoding
  • Files and maintains paper and electronic documents as necessary


  • Builds and maintains television programming (e.g. arrangements of breaks within a show) as directed through received programming information from licensed programming sources and local origination channels.
  • Creates and maintains break structure for programming as required
  • Adheres to deadlines ensuring that break scheduling occurs as required
  • Continuously gains efficiencies through process for Local Networks and Interconnects
  • Maintains and resolves programming discrepancies (e.g. cross-checking a network affiliate site) to ensure appropriate program structure,
  • Maintains Client advertising reservations as directed by Client Media liaison
  • Monitors and provides reports as necessary to alert sales of changes & ensuring that spot schedule is based upon inventory available.


  • Runs necessary reports for monitoring contract fulfilment and distribution of reports to the field
  • Uses pre-empt functionality in the system to address potential fulfilment issues as necessary
  • Demonstrates skill and expertise of the Manual Schedule module within the application.
  • Ensures all spots are scheduled as required and by deadline
  • Initiates and monitors finalization process for potential error messages and resolve as necessary.
  • Generates commercial playlist as necessary
  • Completes manual reconciliation as necessary

Required Skills

Typical Training / Experience - HS diploma, GED or relevant work experience; Specialized skill training/certification may be required; 2-5 years of experience in area of responsibility required

Dept/Org Scope & Impact - Fully functioning support role having greater responsibility to perform all (or most) most of the standard work within the function; moderate impact to the department

Problem Complexity - Effectively identifies problems as they occur and takes appropriate steps to solve them in situations where the problem is not difficult or complex; Refers complex, unusual problems to supervisor/manager

Autonomy - Under general supervision, exercises some judgment in accordance with well-defined policies, procedures, techniques; Work typically involves regular review of output by a senior co worker or supervisor/manager

Knowledge - Demonstrates basic knowledge of a technical or specialty area; Readily learns and applies new information/concept in area of practice

Preferred Skills

Additional Information:

  • Digital ad insertion technology, Media or NOC experience
  • Troubleshooting Skills/ able to resolve complex problems
  • High touch communication skills
  • Team player/Ability to get along with others
  • Knowledge of windows operating systems


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